With over 25 years experience in the industry, Amtec Techniquip Pty Ltd is recognized as a market leader in the import and manufacture and supply of Educational Engineering Equipment for multiple disciplines.
Ranging from Technical High school curriculum, TVET FET Vocational Training, Skills preparation SDP, Trade Test TTC, NCV, Technicon, Tertiary Education and University level.

Our Corporate customers include Vehicle plants, Mines, Transport and logistics, Mining and Processing plants, Food and FMCG technology, Energy and Power utilities.  

We specialise in:

  • Automotive, Auto Electrical and Autotronics

    • Motor mechanics, Diesel and petrol mechanics, Sectioned engines and motorparts, running engines

  • Electrical Engineering

    • Electrical training panels, HMI, VSD, PLCs, Electrical machines and motors, Electrical power engineering, Domestic trainers, COC trainers, Mechatronics

  • Electronics Engineering

    • Digital systems, Electronic circuits, Power electronics, Theorems of electricity

  • Renewable Energies

    • Smart grids, Wind and turbines, Solar, Hydro, Hydrogen fuel, Solar kits, Solar panels and arrays, Solar geyser

  • Mechanical Engineering

    • Alignment trainers, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Mechanisms, Fluid mechanics, Theory of machines, Friction, Forces, Torsion, Deflection, Rotation, Kinetics, Pulleys & Gears

  • Engines and Turbines

    • Internal combustion, Gas turbine, Steam power

  • Structural engineering

    • Stresses, Beams, Cantilever, Bridges, Arches

  • Civil Engineering

    • Control engineering, Fluid machines, Structures, Strength of material, Magnus, Statics and Vibrations, Strain gauges

  • Fluid mechanics

    • Fluid principles, Hydrology, Applied hydraulics, Water treatment, Thermodynamics, Pumps, Valves, Aerodynamics

  • Chemical Engineering

    • Chemical reaction, Biochemical, Heat and Mass transfer, Agricultural, Biomedical

  • Process control

    • Control engineering, Automation, CIM, Flow, Temperature, Pressure, Level

  • Food Technology

    • Miniature scale for Dairy, Pharmaceuticals, Edible oils, Cosmetic, Beverage

  • Environmental control

    • Refrigeration, Cooling, Humidity, Air-conditioning, Ventilation

  • Software based products

    • System design, Simulation, Animation, Automation, Mechanisation, 3D rendering

  • CNC and workshop equipment

    • Milling, Lathe, Combination units, Hoist, Pedestal drill, Guillotine,

  • Instrumentation and meters

    • Oscilloscopes, Function generator, Power supplies, Multi-meters, Transformers, Meters, Verniers, Micrometer, Caliper, Dial test indicator

  • Tools, Equipment and Accessories

    • Specialized kits and toolboxes, Hand tools, Electrical hand tools, Pneumatic tools, Automotive tools

  • Consumables and components

    • Electrical consumables and components, Electrical wire, Electronic components, Phenolic board

Manufacturers and Importers of The Worlds Best Educational, industrial and workshop equipment

Only good things can come ​from​
combining time and passion.

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Amtec techniquip incorporates the latest in technology combined with hand made products to ensure that no less than the best comes out of our state of the art facility in Gauteng, South Africa

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